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// morsels of life //

enjoying this so-called life -- li'l by li'l, bit by bit...


Car Hunting

The actual hunt for our first car begun last weekend. Even before Tonton got his full Victorian driver's licence, we've been scouting for a nice family vehicle already. It started with a bunch of choices and we narrowed it down to a very short list. And now we're choosing between the two popular car brands.

Here's Lori roaming around and helping us to "inspect" this one...


As of the moment, we're still waiting for calls from sales agent and we're hoping to get a great deal, of course. I think this hunt will be quite exhausting and exciting.

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Hearts Day '09

collage_hearts day 2009

Our Valentine family date was simple yet so enjoyable. Visited the Melbourne Aquarium this morning to see the much talked about Penguins of Antarctica.

We were able to watch the presentation as the keepers feed them and take a closer look at those adorable creatures. I personally liked the King Penguin with yellow feathers on its chest and beak. Looks like my favorite sanrio character, Badtzmaru! :)
Lori also loved the penguin show and I can say that she can now somehow appreciate our aquarium tour.

Then, we headed to Crown Casino to just roam around and purchase my much-awaited lux bag *wink*.

Photos here.

Happy Hearts Day! :)

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Farewell Dinner

Friday evening, I prepared a simple dinner for my good friends, Jo & Joni. It was also a despedida for Jo as she is moving to Perth this week due to job relocation.

It was January last year when I met Jo. It's been a wonderful thing to know a person like her.
Like me, she's also a homebody and loves to watch TV series.

from left: Jo, Joni & me

I will definitely miss her. But looking forward to visit her soon in Western Australia :)

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One Hot Saturday

It was not a good summer day for Victorians yesterday. In fact, it was the worst ever as temperature reached almost 47C and resulted to bushfires and home blazed. Death toll is also feared to climb. It's such a catastrophe.

As for us, we just spent the hot morning at the Victoria Gardens shopping centre. We don't have airconditioner in our "ancient" apartment and staying at the mall is one of our ways to stay cool. Here's Lori playing in the baby care room...

love it here, mom!

On the brighter note, we joined our friends and Apiado family to celebrate the 3rd birthday of their dear son, Joshua later in the afternoon. Venue was in Laughs Galore, Deer Park. It's an indoor play centre with facilities for kids to enjoy and have fun like jumping castles, huge slides and ball room.

laughs galore play centre - deer park, victoria

Lori particularly enjoyed tossing the colorful balls in the ball pool.

i like this red ball

As for us adults, we totally enjoyed the abudant meal served that was composed mostly of pinoy favorites such as pancit, sisig, dinuguan and lechon! Yum!

lechon ang bida

Got home before 12 midnight. Felt thankful to be alive.

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I consulted a doctor this evening 'cause i've been suffering from stomach ache/indigestion/slight heartburn since morning.

Headed to the new location of Royal Women's Hospital along Flemington Road, Parkville and I was amazed how their site has improved compared to the old one in Carlton (where I gave birth). The place is bigger and I almost got lost trying to find the emergency section.

Unfortunately, their emergency department doesn't accommodate cases like mine. It is exclusively for patients who are in labor or pregnant. Thank goodness, the RWH building is connected to the Royal Melbourne's Hospital where the triage nurse put me through so quickly.

Anyway, the GP (doctor) just advised me to take antacid and avoid salty & sour food.
Thank heavens for Mylanta, I feel well now.

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Rafa vs. Fedexpress

One of the most entertaining tennis championships I've ever seen happened last night.
The most awaited finals match of Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer in Australian Open.

I was pinned down to the couch as I watch them vie for the cup with their own respective goals. Federer was hoping to score for his 14th grand slam and to record-equal Pete Sampras. Nadal aimed to be the first Spaniard to win the open and maintain his #1 rank.

Both of them gave their best and it resulted to a heartstopping game.
Power versus finesse!

Read more here.

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Shoe Shopping

The city stocktake sale is not over yet. There are still some items in the mall that were further reduced, like children's footwear. So we grabbed the chance to check out a pair of walking shoes for our tot.

We had a bit of trouble choosing a nice and comfy pair 'cause Lori's feet grow so fast. Thanks to the Myer shoe assistant who gave helpful tips.

Shoe Shopping

Lori's first pair of Clarks summer sandals :)

Lori's first Clarks

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